If I had to compile a list of Indonesian food that i love (so much), then Pempek will be placed in my top ten. I fall in love to that food since the first time i tried when I was kids. In fact, at that time I bought from street food corner in Jakarta, not the real one from Palembang.

Here, in Yogyakarta there’s one small resto that provides Pempek Palembang named Ulu Bundar. So far of what I know, Ulu Bundar has two branches. First, was in the front of Plaza Ambarrukmo and the second was near the intersection of Jalan C. Simanjuntak and Jalan Cik Ditiro, next to KFC. I usually comes to the second place because it was near to my english course building.

Types of pempek that can be found, “kapal selam” (the bigest size with egg inside), “lenjer” (small and long), “bundar” (round), and “kulit” (flat & crunchy). The texture, I can say is not too chewy and soft. Overall, the taste of pempek in Ulu Bundar is quite good and also the sour sauce is available in two, sweet and spicy. Another foods that you can order in here beside pempek are siomay and tekwan.

With affordable price, below Rp.10.000,- for each item, I’m not be surprised if this place is always crowded. For me, it’s a nice choice to have a “break” from Jogja’s original foods and suitable snack before get into class of english course.

Kapal Selam & Lenjer
Kapal Selam & Lenjer